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About Nadia

Nadia Faramarzpour is passionate about helping people obtain the benefits of therapeutic massage. At her office at 416 Boston Post Road in Sudbury, she helps people relieve muscular pain, reduce stress and gain an overall feeling of wellness. As an athlete and dancer, she has acquired valuable experience and understanding of the body, using this knowledge to her patient’s advantage. She loves her job and enjoys helping people maintain good health and balance in their lives.

Nadia always loved dance and received her B.A. in dance from Roger Williams University. After college, she moved to New York City, where she started her own modern dance company, as well as performing and choreographing. Following her NYC experience, she entered massage therapy school at the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, MA, where she attended the 2-year curriculum and graduated in 2002. During that time, Nadia started running and completed her first marathon. Nadia is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and is Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCTMB).

Since the fall of 2002, she started working in Sudbury where she has been growing her business. She ran two more marathons in 2004 and 2005 and participated in numerous local road races in the Metro West area.

Mind and Body Connection

Reprinted with permission from the Sudbury Town Crier, September 18, 2008.

Massage Therapy Grows in Popularity

Massage therapy is not just for the rich and famous.

“More people are open to massage as an alternative therapy for their health and well being,” said Nadia Faramarzpour (pronounced far-a-marz-pour), the owner of Sudbury Muscular Therapy.

To help reinforce that cultural shift, the Sudbury native noted more companies offer flex-plans, which allow employees to use their pre-tax dollars for massage therapy and with the aging population, more clients seek therapy after replacement of knees and hips.

Nadia Faramarzpour - Sudbury Muscular Therapy

Doctors also refer clients to Faramarzpour as is the case of Nina Aaron of Marlborough, whose pain from a shoulder and wrist injury continued after physical therapy.

“My doctor referred me to massage therapy because physical therapy wasn’t enough,” said Aaron.

Work requirements, such as sitting at a computer and traveling has more people heading for massage therapy to relieve stress, neck and back pain. The therapy also improves their mental well being, said Faramarzpour in her sixth year in operation after working for the company’s previous owner, Beth Decato.

Susan Henshaw of Sudbury began massage treatment with Faramarzpour six years ago. The therapy eliminated her neck and pack pain, but she continues to maintain her health with trips to Nadia twice a month.

“I work with computers and am always sitting,” said Henshaw. “Nadia calms the tense muscles quite a bit. The massage therapy is relaxing and gets out all of the toxins. She also gives me exercises to relax my back and shoulders for the weeks I don’t have therapy.”

The mind and body are not separate, said Faramarzpour, a graduate of Roger Williams College in Rhode Island. “The mind has so much control over the body – it holds stress in the body.”

Because massage is circulatory, the therapy moves blood through the system and provides the body with fresh oxygenated blood, said the massage therapist. “This in turn flushes out the trapped toxins and lactic acids and lubricates the muscles”

The massage therapist previously owned an off-Broadway modern dance company, which she believes correlates to massage therapy.

“They are both creative, movement oriented and intuitive,” sh said. “It’s all about movement and how it relates to the body.”

After leaving New York City, the dancer attended Muscular Therapy Institution in Watertown, now the Cortiva Institute. With no time for dance classes, she began running and adds to her credit three marathons – two on Cape Cod and one in Hartford, Conn.

“Dancing and running are both disciplined, which helps me have a successful business,” she said.

In addition to helping clients maintain good health, the 34-year old treats those suffering from chronic pain, headaches, injuries and fibromyalgia. She also treats pregnant women suffering from back pain and athletes for an array of issues or for those running a marathon who want treatment on their legs and hip area.

Marney Ives of Wayland visited Sudbury Muscular Therapy after a double hip replacement.

“She’s a real therapist, not just a masseur,” said Ives. “This has really helped my therapy after surgery.”

Before beginning the therapeutic massage, Faramarzpour assesses each client’s needs individually and reviews their health history. This is in addition to the time allotted for the appointment.

The massage therapist charges $60 for a 30-minute appointment, $95 for 60 minutes and $135 for 90.

The best part of her business is when people leave – they’re happy.

“I made them feel good,” she said. “What else can you ask for?”